[getdns-api] Adding an extension to highlight common DNS errors

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Sun Jan 27 09:48:24 MST 2013

Greetings again. In an off-list conversation, someone mentioned that "don't use CNAME as a target for MX and SRV" is often ignored. This made me think that maybe the API should have a "strict mode" that would barf when it finds rule breakage like this. Then I realized that this is probably not a good idea, given that we are talking about rules that are "often ignored".

Now I am thinking of adding an extension called "add_warning_for_broken_dns" that would add the name "broken_dns" (a list) to an element in the replies_tree when it finds one or more DNS errors. One value in that list would be "CNAME as target". What might others be?

--Paul Hoffman

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