[getdns-api] EDNS extended rcode

Ray Bellis Ray.Bellis at nominet.org.uk
Tue Nov 26 07:52:41 MST 2013

On 26 Nov 2013, at 14:48, Wiley, Glen <gwiley at verisign.com<mailto:gwiley at verisign.com>> wrote:

I should elaborate:  As Allison pointed out, rfc6891 provides a 32-bit value so if we want to support values above 256 we will need to change the data type to something beyond uint8_t.

12-bit, surely?

§6.1.3, RFC 6891:

      Forms the upper 8 bits of extended 12-bit RCODE (together with the
      4 bits defined in [RFC1035<http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1035>].  Note that EXTENDED-RCODE value 0
      indicates that an unextended RCODE is in use (values 0 through

[I think the 32-bits you're referring to relate to the fact that this field is packed into what's usually the 32-bit TTL field].


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