[getdns-api] changes to signatures of data helper functions

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Fri Sep 20 05:25:21 MST 2013

Op 10-09-13 21:21, Wiley, Glen schreef:
> I'd like to change the signatures for the non-trivial data type helper 
> functions to include the context so that we will have access to the 
> user defined allocators.  For example
> getdns_return_t getdns_list_copy(getdns_context_t context, struct 
> getdns_list *srclist, struct getdns_list **dstlist);
> getdns_return_t getdns_dict_get_names(getdns_context_t context, struct 
> getdns_dict *dict, struct getdns_list **answer);
> What do folks think?
The structures representing lists and dicts could have an internal 
reference to context themselves and pass it on to the newly created 
lists and dicts.  As long as the dicts and lists involved are created by 
the lookup functions (which have the context argument) this will be 
okay.  It does not work when dicts and lists need to be created 
separately, for example to specify extensions. Thus the 
getdns_list_create and getdns_dict_create would need a context argument.

Though, I actually think it would be better if setting the custom memory 
management functions should be  implementation specific, just like 
setting the event base is.

-- Willem
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