[getdns-api] getdns-api review - no brainers sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 2.7

Goyal, Neel ngoyal at verisign.com
Fri Jan 31 11:24:00 MST 2014

On 1/31/14, 5:48 AM, "Willem Toorop" <willem at nlnetlabs.nl> wrote:
>Personally I feel more comfortable when I can "see" the pointers being
>passed around.  So me personally would rather see this:

I agree.  Perhaps in the implementation files we use the full declaration
and in the public header only show the opaque handle types.

>typedef struct getdns_context getdns_context;
>typedef struct getdns_dict getdns_dict;
>typedef struct getdns_list getdns_list;

Or as a compromise we don¹t use the _t variants and just go w/ a typedef
that removes the use of Œstruct¹.  Then pointers are clearly passed around
and our public header declarations match those in the implementation file.

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