[getdns-api] getdns API implementation v0.1.3 release

Wiley, Glen gwiley at verisign.com
Fri Jun 27 13:25:10 MST 2014

On behalf of the getdns API core team: release 0.1.3 of our getdns API
implementation is now available at:


Binaries built from these sources will be posted to the project website
over the next few days.  Other release points will be updated as time

A detailed list of changes can be read in the github commit logs, a brief
summary is in the ChangeLog file in the source tree (copied here for your
reading convenience):

* 2014-06-25: Version 0.1.3
  * libtool chage, remove -release, added -version-info
  * Update specification to the June 2014 version (0.501)

We have also begun signing the releases with one or more of the core
developers keys, 
we are currently using the pgp key servers at: http://keyserver.pgp.com

This release is signed using my key:

Glen Wiley <gwiley at verisign.com>

Key id: A6B73532
      Key fingerprint: 4BED 5C98 B7A4 0C33 B9A3  9FA9 9DC3 D572 A6B7 3532

Glen Wiley

Sr. Engineer
The Hive, Verisign, Inc.

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