[getdns-api] Dependencies with getdns

Marc Groeneweg marc at nimago.nl
Mon Mar 3 07:28:30 MST 2014


On 28/02/14 17:17, "Paul Wouters" <paul at nohats.ca> wrote:

>On Fri, 28 Feb 2014, Marc Groeneweg wrote:
>> I am happy and pleased to see an effort being done to get a DNS API
>>with inclusion of DNSSEC. In the past I have put some effort in showing
>>the world, that it is possible to get
>> DNSSEC support within an iOS app. This effort is cumbersome to
>>maintain, Œcause it uses components like OpenSSL, libldns and libunbound.
>> With the public release of getdns 0.1.0 I was excited to see what it
>>is, and found out that it uses the same dependencies I found cumbersome
>>to maintain on iOS. Especially the
>> build process for libunbound involves direct compilation with ldns for
>>any given architecture for iOS (and there are normally at least 2: i386
>>based simulator, and one of the ARM
>> architectures). I would like to get static libraries for each
>>dependency and link to these libraries for each architecture. I assume
>>it is my own shortcoming I cannot achieve
>> this, but I would like to address this one before I go ahead, and try
>>to get getdns on any iOS device.
>unbound-1.4.22 will no longer require ldns.

And when will this be released?


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