[getdns-api] Error during "python setup.py install"

Melinda Shore melinda.shore at nomountain.net
Fri Sep 4 17:34:17 UTC 2015

On 9/4/15 3:12 AM, shadrach rajasekar wrote:
> ./get-ip.py @<server>:53  www.zone.com <http://www.zone.com> A
> I get core dump error 
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

If this is the get-ip.py script in the examples directory,
it's just a very simple script that takes a list of domain
names to resolve and optionally does dnssec validation on

Usage: get-ip.py [-s] [-4|-6] <domain1> <domain2> ...

    -s: only return DNSSEC secured answers
    -4: only return IPv4 address answers
    -6: only return IPv6 address answers

-4 and -6 are mutually exclusive. If both are specified, IPv6 wins.

However, it shouldn't dump core when fed arguments it doesn't
recognize, so I'll take care of that.


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