[getdns-users] bindata string encoding?

Melinda Shore melinda.shore at nomountain.net
Thu Jul 9 21:45:15 UTC 2015

On 7/9/15 12:15 PM, Robert Edmonds wrote:
> My confusion comes about because the string is passed
> through an interface (the getdns_bindata type) that also passes an
> explicit length.

Right, and I was working from something of a (dis)advantage,
which was knowledge of how getdns was passing data around.
I'm still ambivalent about the lack of a string type, given
their ubiquity, and that strings and binary blobs are
encoded as the same type while 32-bit integers have their
own type. But, you get what you get and fortunately we're
able to mask that to a large extent inside the Python bindings.

But you're right about the use of the length field for
validating bounds, and I'll open a ticket on that.


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