[getdns-api] Removing STARTTLS from the API

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Mon Oct 19 13:45:14 UTC 2015


I made an argument to the core development team that the STARTTLS functionality adds some complexity to the code. I didn’t feel the effort to maintain and test it moving forward (as various authentication mechanisms are added, code is re-factored, etc.) was warranted given the consensus in the WG to remove the mechanism from the draft. This was accepted, but if there are strong feelings that this shouldn’t be done now please speak to that.

On the separate question of updating the Official API, of course it could be handled as Shane suggests. But I felt that now the mechanism is no longer described in an active IETF draft it seemed a reasonable time to ask the question. 



> On 19 Oct 2015, at 12:38, Shane Kerr <shane at time-travellers.org> wrote:
> Andrew,
> In one sense you are correct, but the longer functionality is around the
> harder it is to get rid of.
> Perhaps it should be marked as "scheduled for removal" now in the
> documentation and via comments in the code, and the actual removal
> deferred until the magical day in the distant future when drafts become
> RFCs?
> Cheers,
> --
> Shane
> On Fri, 16 Oct 2015 16:20:23 -0400
> Andrew Sullivan <asullivan at dyn.com> wrote:
>> It seems a little premature to assume that's permanent.  Rather than
>> changing now, could we wait until the wg decides for good?  (I think
>> this is how it'll go, but why hurry?)
>> -- 
>> Andrew Sullivan 
>> Please excuse my clumbsy thums. 
>>> On Oct 16, 2015, at 13:56, sara <sara at sinodun.com> wrote:
>>> Hi All, 
>>> STARTTLS was removed as a mechanism for DNS privacy in the latest
>>> version of this draft:
>>> http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-dprive-dns-over-tls-01
>>> Therefore, if there are no objections, I would like to propose that
>>> STARTTLS is removed from the list of values that can be specified
>>> via the getdns_transport_list_t * transports list in the next
>>> version of the API spec. 
>>> Regards
>>> Sara.
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