[getdns-users] The requirement that domain names to the API must be "ASCII-based"

John Scott jscott at posteo.net
Sat Apr 22 17:32:24 UTC 2023


I'm writing an application using getdns, and think that the requirement that domain names passed to these functions must be "ASCII-based" poses more questions than it answers. In particular, there are lots of "ASCII-based" character encodings, some of which are different and incompatible, and it is unspecified what character encoding is actually expected. Note that not all systems use ASCII for the C language basic execution character set.

What character encoding is getdns actually supposed to expect? In other words, when passing domain name strings to getdns, what character encoding should I make sure the strings are in? What I would like to hear is that they use the same encoding as is prescribed by the locale; on POSIX systems this can be given by nl_langinfo(CODESET).

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