[getdns-api] getdns API version published

Murray S. Kucherawy superuser at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 20:19:41 MST 2013

I'm happy to adapt our DKIM and related software to try using it once a
prototype is available.

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman at vpnc.org> wrote:

> Greetings again. With this message, I'm closing the discussion on the
> first major version of the getdns API. The document at
> http://www.vpnc.org/getdns-api/ is complete and stable. The version is
> called "getdns April 2013".
> One company has told me they will pursue creating an implementation of the
> API, and another indicated that they would start one soon. I fully expect
> that doing implementations will flush out some problems with the spec, and
> hopefully discussion on this list about errors in this version of the API.
> If so, I will (carefully) issue one or more new versions later.
> Thanks for all the input from various circles. The finished API turned out
> *much* better than I expected when I started.
> --Paul Hoffman
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