[getdns-api] 0.268 srv_addresses not useful

Phil Pennock getdns-api-phil at spodhuis.org
Thu Jan 31 11:27:32 MST 2013

On 2013-01-31 at 10:11 -0800, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> Added the "srv_addresses" name in the top level of a query for SRV
> records to simplify service discovery processing if that is desired.

As an app programmer, I am highly unlikely use this facility as written,
because the logic it encodes is not the RFC 2782 default logic to be
used in the absence of a specific specification for a given application

The getdns-api spec returns a single entry at each priority level; the
RFC 2782 logic tries each entry within each priority band, using weight
logic to provide some weighted ordering within the band, before moving
onto the next priority band.  If a single SRV lookup results in 7
results across 3 priorities, and all the backends are down, the app
should be making 7 connection attempts, not 3.


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