[getdns-api] Rename dnssec_return_supporting_responses

Melinda Shore melinda.shore at nomountain.net
Wed Nov 20 15:04:22 MST 2013

On 11/20/13 12:35 PM, Willem Toorop wrote:
> The name dnssec_return_supporting_responses is a bit confusing because
> the word "responses" seem to refer to actual response packets.  I
> propose to rename this to dnssec_return_validation_chain.  The
> "additional_dnssec" in the response dict should contain all the resource
> record dicts for all the resource records (DS, DNSKEY and their RRSIGs)
> that are needed to perform the validation from the root up.  The
> resource record dicts should be in the same format as resource records
> in the packet sections of replies in the "replies_tree" section of a
> response dict.
> What do you think?

Definitely yes on the rename (I was confused by
"return_supporting_responses" as well - "supporting" is
not quite right), and definitely yes on the format.


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