[getdns-api] Python bindings plans

Goyal, Neel ngoyal at verisign.com
Tue Jun 24 19:29:07 MST 2014

Very cool.

For the property setters, is there a python way of saying a setter failed?
 Is that just via raise?  Setting resolution_type may fail in the current

I don¹t understand the comment about async support.  What do you mean you
don¹t love having it?  I wonder if it would make sense to include some non
core python modules that can attach a context twisted/gevent/some other
lib.  Or did you mean you don¹t like requiring libevent?


On 6/24/14, 10:21 PM, "Melinda Shore" <melinda.shore at nomountain.net> wrote:

>Hi, folks:
>I'm reworking the Python bindings with an eye towards an initial
>release in about three weeks.  This code will be the basis
>for the mature release.  There will be a fairly fundamental
>reworking of the interfaces, but we'll be keeping the current
>interface available through one or two releases to give people
>a chance to transition.
>The two major changes are intended to make the interfaces
>more Pythonic.  They are:
>1) the introduction of a new Context object, with queries
>   being methods associated with that object (note that this
>   is consistent with the design of the Node.js bindings)
>2) context attributes are going to be treated as Python
>   attributes, so that rather than (for example) using
>      c = getdns.context_create()
>      getdns.context_set_resolution_type(c,
>   you'd use
>      c = getdns.Context()
>      c.resolution_type = getdns.GETDNS_RESOLUTION_RECURSING
>Basically, the setters and the getter are going away.  The results
>dict is going to stay the same but over time we may be adding
>some convenience methods for access.
>While I don't love having async support in the bindings, that
>will be included as well.
>Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
>Melinda Shore
>No Mountain Software
>melinda.shore at nomountain.net
>"Software longa, hardware brevis."
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