[getdns-users] git rm spec/getdns-0.601.tgz ?

Willem Toorop willem at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Jul 9 07:54:25 UTC 2015

Hi Daniel,

The API spec was there before the implementation.  It has it's own
repository which is not public (it is at vpnc.org).  It contains a
script which creates the index.html specification from a templates (and
the examples C code) and it also produces the tarball which is
referenced from the index.html spec.

Although we've also taken over the editor's pen, I still commit
modifications to the spec on the repository at vpnc.org and use the
script therein to generate it.

We include the spec within the repository to publish the version of the
spec that the library implements.  Since the spec references the
tarball, I've until now included that too.

The examples from the spec within the tarball are extracted though,
because I've created some support files around it (Makefile.in and a
different getdns_core_only.h and getdns_libevent.h) to enable compiling
the examples with the library.

-- Willem

Op 09-07-15 om 00:42 schreef Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
> I just noticed that there's a tarball in the develop branch at
> spec/getdns-0.601.tgz.  Does that belong there?  if so, why, and what is
> it for?  It was only touched a couple days ago, maybe in a mistaken
> commit?
> 0 dkg at alice:~/src/getdns/getdns$ git log spec/*.tgz
> commit 43980e90208d89be326d3167d26542b4ab5072b6
> Author: Willem Toorop <willem at nlnetlabs.nl>
> Date:   Mon Jul 6 14:14:46 2015 +0200
>     [API 0.601] CSYNC RR type
> 0 dkg at alice:~/src/getdns/getdns$
>   --dkg
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