[getdns-api] Upstream servers(over UDP)

Shikha Sharma shikha.sharma at broadforward.com
Fri Jun 23 08:58:59 UTC 2017


I'm using getdns in stub mode with more than 1 upstream servers (over UDP)
configured in the context. Some of the observations that i have:

  * Every time a udp request times out, the back_off is multiplied by 2
    and another server is chosen. But if the response is received from
    the server then the back_off value is never reset. In case there is
    a timeout again, It continues with the previous back_off value. i
    would like to propose to reset the back_off to 0 as soon as the
    server becomes available.
  * If all upstreams are failing, the upstream with the smallest
    back_off value will be selected, and the back_off value decremented
    by one. In this scenario servers can also be retried in the round
    robin fashion to give them equal chance because one of the server
    might have large back_off value and will not be tried even though it
    has become available again. Or make it configurable to choose one of
    the above behavior.
  * In the latest release a feature was added "More fine grained control
    over TLS upstream retry and back off behavior with
    getdns_context_set_tls_backoff_time() and
    getdns_context_set_tls_connection_retries().". I would like to
    propose to add  similar back_off time and retries for over UDP as well.


Shikha Sharma

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