[getdns-api] Can't build getdns on Debian 7.0.0

Melinda Shore melinda.shore at nomountain.net
Sat May 10 19:44:10 MST 2014

On 5/10/14 6:35 PM, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> Ah, if that were only true. It fails in exactly the same way with libidn11-dev and libidn2-0-dev:

I don't have Debian installed (yet) and so can't look at it
immediately, but when I brought it up on CentOS 6 I found that
the package libraries were grossly out-of-date and I had to
pull down current sources for pretty much everything.  It
looks like you've got an older ldns, and I'd check configure
options on libidn11 (libidn2 will *not* work).


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